The Gender Genie

Here’s an interesting link: This site takes whatever you’ve written – fiction, non-fiction, or blog entry (presumably they think these tend to sit somewhere between the first two options) – and then deduces whether you’re male or female.

Fortunately my first two posts here both came back as having been written by a male. The first got a male/female score of 299/236 and the second (being longer) a score of 656/496.

The site uses an algorithm that looks for certain words and tallies up the number of times you use them. Apparently the most masculine words include “what”, “more” and “many”, whilst the most feminine words include “me”, “myself” and “hers”. No further comment necessary.

First post

The site’s not quite ready, but I’ve just uploaded the header image above and it feels only appropriate to post something, if only to get rid of the default “Hello world!” entry.

The header image shows a selection of my favourite books because the theme of this blog is going to be books – writing as well as reading, hence why both of mine are in there too. Seeing as most books aren’t written by me, however, the emphasis of the blog will probably be weighted in the direction of reading rather than writing.

I once reviewed fiction for a London newspaper and writing negative reviews of books I didn’t like became a juicy task I started to relish far too much. So here I’m going to try* to only review books I like, books that I think you, anonymous internet reader, should also give a chance to.

Anyway, I have to thank Simon Levitas for his help (and patience) in getting the site off the ground. Visit his site to see his graphical design work and to learn some inconvenient truths about eating meat.

* Of course, if I read another book like Netherland by Joseph O’Neill, I’ve got a stock of choice words that are antonymous to superlative. (They toned that review down a bit.)