State of Wonder

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Having run away from her medical career after making a devastating mistake, the taciturn Marina Singh is much happier living the quiet life of a researcher for a pharmaceutical company – a job where the decisions she makes are a few steps further removed from life and death.

Part of the company’s research is based on studying the remarkable health of indigenous people living a drug-free existence in the depths of the Amazon. When one of Marina’s colleagues visits the project and is reported dead not long after, she becomes the inevitable replacement for two reasons – the scientist leading the project is her former university tutor Annick Swenson, and the wife of her dead colleague manages to use a bit of emotional blackmail to get her to go and investigate what might have happened when there is no body to return with the truth.

Marina enters the heat and everyday lethality of the heart of darkness having to choose between taking antimalarial tablets that give her horrific night terrors or risking the delirium of malarial fevers. Either way she is unprepared for what she finds when she is reunited with Doctor Swenson and meets the subjects of her study – women in their seventies who are still as fertile as their grandchildren.

The echoes of Joseph Conrad are naturally rather fresh, though here it’s not the dark heart of men being explored, but women who believe their own ambitions in one of the wilder corners of the world are altogether more altruistic. They’re not really, of course. If anything, the corporate and mercantile aims are even more brazen than they were in colonial times.

It’s a slow-burn novel, capturing the stifling heat and humidity of the rainforest. Marina is quite a passive main character for most of the book, but it doesn’t really suffer for it. She has been drifting through life, too timid to make a decision, second guessing every choice she dares make, in case she makes another terrible mistake. Only here, unable to escape the person whose absence led to Marina’s original mistake, will she be able to face up to what happened and move on.

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