The Private Blog of Joe Cowley: Return of the Geek


Joe Cowley is still sharing a bedroom with his disgusting not-really-stepbrother Gav. Still humouring his wannabe DJ mates Harry and Ad. Still dating the emo-tastic Natalie. And still recording all his trials and tribulations in his secret (for now) blog. He may be a little bit older and a little bit wiser (or so he thinks) but he’s still getting into one humiliating escapade after another too.

This second ‘anthology’ of Joe’s blog revolves around his desperate attempts at getting into Natalie’s dad’s good books. Unfortunately her ex Sebastian is doing his best at winning her back, starting by turning her dad against Joe. Seb is rich, popular and already has Natalie’s dad on his side, but Natalie still prefers Joe. Unfortunately Seb has a new ally – Lisa, the popular girl Joe dumped after she used him. She was trouble when they were together but she’s even more trouble now.

Whilst not quite as deliciously filthy as the first outing (perhaps our Joe is growing up a bit), it’s still brazenly honest, and still entirely unsuitable for (most) adults. Things are getting more complicated for Joe, but not just because Ben Davis keeps writing him into inextricably embarrassing corners and pushing him into constantly cringe-worthy encounters. I daresay many teenage boys will recognise more of themselves in this book than they do in many other, more serious YA novels.

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